The best hotels in Salò

Discover the best hotels in Salò with prices and services designed for every type of stay: a holiday on Lake Garda can reserve you some surprises.

Desenzano del Garda castle: a magnificent piece of history

Discover the history and beauty of the Castle of Desenzano del Garda, an ancient fortress built to defend against the attacks of the Hungarians.

Where to stay in Desenzano del Garda

A holiday in Desenzano del Garda should be planned above all with a comfortable stay; find out where to sleep between hotels, bed & breakfasts, holiday homes...


The best hotels in Salò

Discover the best hotels in Salò with prices and services designed for every type of stay: a holiday on Lake Garda can reserve you some surprises.

Romantic Places of Lake Garda

Discover all the romantic places that Lake Garda can offers to all the visitors that are looking for some beautiful love spots!

The most beautiful castles of the Garda Lake

An exciting journey is the one among the ancient castles that dotted the Garda for defensive reasons, and today are an attraction to be visited from South to North.

The best sunsets on Lake Garda

An exciting sunset on Lake Garda... but where? You have to choose the right place carefully, let's see the best sunsets on Garda among beaches and mountains!

What to visit and see in Cassone di Malcesine

This village on Lake Garda is located along the Olive Riviera, and offers wonderful scenery with towers, ancient houses, and Italy's shortest river!

The waterfalls of Lake Garda

On Lake Garda there are also incredible waterfalls, mostly concentrated in the Trentino area. Let's discover them, from Varone to Molina!

The Bastion of Riva del Garda

On Lake Garda, you can find many defensive structures, including the famous Bastione di Riva del Garda, a Renaissance fortress from which you can enjoy a breathtaking view of Upper Garda.

Scaliger Castle of Torri del Benaco: information, hours and prices

The Scaliger Castle of Torri del Benaco and its museum represent the main attraction of the small village on the Veronese shore of Lake Garda.

The Castle of Sirmione: info, prices and timetables of the Scaligero

The manor that rises from the Garda water: it is the fascinating Sirmione Castle, the Scaligera fortress known all over the world for its beauty.

Limonaia del Castel Museum in Limone sul Garda: prices, timetables and information

Limonaia del Castel in Limone sul Garda is a very famous citrus museum where you can know how was cultivated this particular fruit during the history of this small town.




Sigurtà Park: the beauty of nature near Lake Garda

Sigurtà Park is among the most beautiful in Europe, visited for its spectacular blooms, historic buildings, or the labyrinth... you can also explore it by bike!

Lake Garda holidays: what to do and see

Things to do or see at Lake Garda? There are many, but let's try with a list of must-visit places among the three regions and the many villages in the area...

Cycling Path from Peschiera to Garda (or Vice Versa): all the Info

For those who love cycling routes, the cycle path from Peschiera to Garda opens onto unique landscapes of the lake, and passes through various villages on the Veronese shore.

What to see in Lonato del Garda

In Lonato del Garda, are you wondering what there is to visit and see? From the Rocca Viscontea to the Casa del Podestà, there are many historical testimonies of this territory.