About Us

Welcome to LiveLagodiGarda.it, the website dedicated to those who want to know more about this wonderful piece of land surrounded by the nature. This blog was born from the passion of the author for Garda Lake. He lives here, and more precisely in Toscolano Maderno (Brescia).

For this reason what you will read is not the result of a the re-elaboration of texts/guides already written by other people, but it’s made by lived experiences or by physical inspection. Only by seeing with your own eyes can be offered to the reader an indirect quality certificate, giving to you an immediate value in order to make available the most reliable informations.

Obviously english is not our mother tongue, so is possible you will find different mistakes.

How to Contact Us

To contact us you can send us and email to this address: redazione@livelagodigarda.it

Do you need informations or suggestions for your trip?

If you’re planning a trip or to Garda Lake but you need more informations regarding a specific topic you can contact us commenting all the article or sending us an email to the email address written above. We will reply as soon as possible.

Are you looking for travel package?

Livelagodigarda.it is not a tour operator and for that reasons it doesn’t offer to you pre-organized travel package to sell. What we can do is to send you our best suggestions and our best choices, so that you can organize a better trip by yourself. We can organize your itinerary if you need it. Obviously the service is to be paid as it need time and organizing skills. What you have to do is only to send to us an email (write to redazione@livelagodigarda.it) and you will have all the informations you need.