The Markets of Garda Lake: city by city

The Markets of Garda Lake: day by day. Discover where the artisan markets are landed in the Lake Garda Area.

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Traveling also means meeting new people, discovering the habits of the places you visit and immerse yourself in the local culture. To do this, when you arrive on Lake Garda you can also experience the style of the Garda people, in a tour that includes the many weekly markets.

If your passion is to browse the stalls, or you want to know the artisan traditions of the Garda area, then the markets of Lake Garda will not disappoint you.
They are present almost in every location overlooking the waters of the Benaco, and every day of the week!

Garda markets: where and when

The tradition of the markets is ancient, and represents a fixed appointment one day a week for both Garda residents and tourists. Each village on Lake Garda has a square or a stretch of lakefront that hosts the market, and from Monday to Sunday every morning (sometimes even in the evening!) You will find stands full of every product, from typical local ones to clothing, accessories, souvenirs del lago, household items, gift ideas. Some surprises are always ready in many Garda markets, even for collectors and “antiques” enthusiasts.

Markets on Lake Garda on Mondays

Every Monday from 08.00 to 13.00 you will find the market in these villages on the Benaco.

  • Moniga del Garda: mainly for high quality clothing and leather goods, local food and wine specialties such as the famous Rosé Chiaretto.
  • Colombare di Sirmione: very popular in summer (sometimes even in the evening), it offers handicrafts, vintage items, antiques, books, comics, modeling and gift items.
  • Peschiera del Garda: food stands, household and everyday products, leather clothing and accessories, toys.
  • Pozzolengo: in Viale Gramsci a typical market is set up, in particular for foodstuffs, which also includes clothing and household items.
  • San Zeno di Montagna: typical market of a neighboring area between Garda and the mountains, where you can try chestnut-based specialties.
  • Torri del Benaco: large weekly market, which offers clothing, items in olive wood and typical Italian products. It extends from the lakefront to the center of the village and lasts until 2.00pm.

Markets on Lake Garda on Tuesdays

Every Tuesday from 08.00 to 13.00 the market takes place in these places.

  • Campione di Tremosine: it is a place to find a wide variety of typical regional products and handicrafts. 
  • Castelletto di Brenzone: on the shores of Lake Garda, the stands offer clothing, leather goods, typical regional foodstuffs.
  • Castelnuovo del Garda: typical weekly market with food products at km 0.
  • Cavaion Veronese: the stalls in a pleasant atmosphere, sell typical Italian products.
  • Desenzano del Garda: it is a very large market, on the Cesare Battisti lakeside promenade, which offers stands and offers for many needs.
  • Limone: takes place every first and third Tuesday of the month; the products are varied, from typical food specialties to the wide selection of fruit and vegetables at km 0 from the surrounding area.
  • Prevalle: in this market you will find Italian food products, clothing, shoes and accessories.
  • Pieve di Tremosine: this market offers a rich variety of regional specialties such as the Formagella di Tremosine soft cheese or the Tremosine raw milk cheese aged in a cave.
  • Ponti sul Mincio: a market devoted to eco-sustainable tourism, with organic, 0 km, healthy and high quality food products.
  • Tignale: the market takes place in the hamlet of Gardola, where you can buy traditional products and olive oil from the area.
  • Torbole: weekly market in the old port of Torbole, which takes place every second and fourth Tuesday of the month, and lasts until 15.00.

Markets on Lake Garda on Wednesdays

Every Wednesday from 08.00 to 13.00 the market takes place in these Garda towns.

  • Arco:typical market in Viale delle Palme where you can find clothing, souvenirs, fashion accessories, food items and specialties from the region.
  • Bogliaco: antiques and vintage market, located near Gargnano.
  • Guidizzolo: typical weekly market of this charming village on Lake Garda.
  • Lazise: this market is large, full of fine and delicious foods, which you can find on the port and in the old town. It lasts until 14.00.
  • Riva del Garda: typical market in the historic center with regional products, a wide variety of cheeses and meats, clothing and souvenirs. It takes place every second and fourth Wednesday of the month, until 2.00pm.
  • Roè Volciano: you can find the stands in Roè every two weeks, full of fruit and vegetables from the surroundings, fine wines from the Garda and regional areas.
  • San Felice del Benaco: in this market you will find excellent prices to buy fresh fish, fruit and vegetables, and many specialties of meats and cheeses.

Markets on Lake Garda on Thursdays

From 08.00 to 13.00, on Thursdays, you will find the market open in these Garda towns.

  • Bardolino: this market is known above all for cheese specialties, excellent spirits and also many other stalls of products and articles of daily use.
  • Bussolengo: this is not a market but a vast space in the old city used as a market on the Bussolengo lakeside. There are many proposals for Italian food, wines, clothing, leather items, souvenirs and household items.
  • Capovalle: a large market unfolds in this town, which sells olive oils from the region, fresh fruit and vegetables at km 0 from local farmers, clothing and souvenirs.
  • Lonato: you can find the stalls in the historic market square and in the side streets, full of typical local and Italian food products; there are many souvenirs and even antiques.
  • Toscolano Maderno: on Thursdays there is a delightful market with various specialties of the region, including from organic crops.
  • Peschiera del Garda: here you will find a unique market, organized by farmers with regional specialties and traditional products of the Garda area.

Markets on Lake Garda on Fridays

At the opening of the weekend you will find the market open in these Garda towns, in the morning from 08.00 to 13.00, and sometimes even in the evening.

  • Brenzone: this is an evening market with regional food and artisan products, in addition to the offers of the many stands that invite you to browse.
  • Gardone Riviera: classic market with typical food products, coming from a selection of different local retailers and producers.
  • Garda: in addition to food items, you will find clothing, leather items, bags, fashion accessories, jewelry, porcelain, games and household items. The market takes place on the lakefront and starts early, from 07.00.
  • Goito: this is a local farmers’ market, where you can buy food from Garda farms and the region, as well as traditional crafts.
  • Manerba del Garda: the stalls are located under the church and offer selected foodstuffs, liqueurs, fashion items, household items and items for animals.
  • Pastrengo: here you will find typical Italian food products, wines, clothing, fashion accessories and souvenirs: attention, it takes place every Friday afternoon!
  • Sirmione: in the Lugana district you will find a market that is not too large but with excellent stalls of ready-made gastronomy, and exquisite food products from small farmers in the area.

Markets on Lake Garda on Saturdays

On weekends there are several markets in these Garda towns, usually in the morning from 08.00 to 13.00.

  • Calmasino di Bardolino: we start at 7.30 with this renowned 0 km market, where you can find gastronomy and foods grown directly by local producers.
  • Lonato del Garda: traditional farmer’s market with typical Garda and Veneto specialties.
  • Caprino Veronese: it is a famous market in the area, also frequented by many tourists. You mainly find fresh and locally produced food products.
  • Castiglione delle Stiviere: here you can wander among the stands that offer a wide variety of food products, common objects and clothing.
  • Malcesine: the market takes place under the Via Gardesana, attracts many visitors who like to browse the stands in search of food, jewelry, leather goods, clothing and souvenirs.
  • Pacengo di Lazise: in the center of the village you can find, bargain, browse through the many stalls of the typical market.
  • Padenghe sul Garda: on Saturday afternoon the stands offer Italian products, fresh food, souvenirs and gift items.
  • Polpenazze: if you love gastronomy, this is the market on Lake Garda for you among cheeses and meats, liqueurs, wines and other specialties of the region.
  • Salò: weekly market full of stands and specialties, very popular with inhabitants of the region and tourists.

Markets on Lake Garda on Sundays

  • Goito: typical weekly market, every Sunday morning until around 13.00.
  • Monzambano: weekly market, every Sunday from 08.00 to 13.00, with typical regional products and specialties of Italian spirits and wines.
  • Rivoltella di Desenzano: colorful market with different products and numerous stands. Every Saturday from 08.00 to 13.00.
  • Castelnuovo del Garda: local market “Campagna Amica” – healthy and quality products directly from the producer. Every Sunday from April to December from 08.00 to 13.00.
  • Valeggio sul Mincio: moving towards the hinterland you will find this market (every fourth Sunday of the month) where you can taste Italian products and typical foodstuffs, such as the famous Tortelli di Valeggio – called “Love Knot”; vintage items, antiques and curiosities are always present.
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