Renting a boat on Lake Garda: costs and information

Renting a boat on Lake Garda is easier than you might think, find out all the information about it!

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What could be better than enjoying the panorama of Lake Garda on a boat ride? Probably little or nothing since it is one of the most fascinating experiences that can be had.

Of course, owning a boat is not for everyone but there are many possibilities of finding a rental even at reasonable prices, you just need to get organized!

Lake Garda boat rental: what do you need?

Sailing is beautiful but knowing how to navigate is quite another thing. So what does it take to be able to afford an enchanting ride on Lake Garda? First of all the boat license. If you are not in possession of this de facto qualification, driving any type of boat will be prohibited, even if it is a dinghy with an engine of more than 50 horsepower.

Below this power threshold, however, you will have free access to navigation. If an engine with only 40 horsepower may seem daunting to you, you are very wrong!

In fact, with a boat of such power you can admire Lake Garda in about 15/20 minutes.

Lake Garda boat rental: navigation rules and penalties

After having finally completed the boat rental, license or not, you will have to be aware of all the navigation rules to be respected, in order to run into some bad penalties.

In particular, the first rule to respect concerns safety distances. On this point, two different parameters must be considered: the first is the distance from other boats; the second instead is calibrated on the basis of the thing.

When sailing by boat, you must stay at a length of at least 300-350 meters from the shore.

Another rule to keep in mind if you rent a boat on Lake Garda concerns the shore on which you will actually sail. In fact, it should be remembered that motorized navigation is prohibited on the Trentino side.

Lake Garda boat rental: where and how to rent

Now that you know everything about boat rental on Lake Garda, all you have to do is choose yours! If you take a look around there will be solutions, it will be up to you to choose the most comfortable one.

In general, here is a list of names that may be useful to you:

Nauticlub: located in Moniga del Garda, it offers excellent solutions on sailboats.

RappyDrive: located in Via Porto, it is a leading company in boat rental, especially motor boats, throughout the Garda area.

Pollini Nautica: company based in via Pergola represents another very effective possibility.

Dolphin Boat: ideal solution for those arriving from Desenzano, it offers rental for boats with and without a license, as well as various services useful for navigation. 

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