Kitesurfing on Lake Garda: The Most Popular Spots

Do you want to practice water sports on Lake Garda? Don't know where to go for kitesurfing? Discover the most trendy places to sail on your board on Lake Garda.

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Do you love kitesurfing? If you practice it, one of your ideal destinations will be Lake Garda. Being the largest lake in Italy, and traversed by different winds, nature gives these waters many locations for sports with the board and sail.

Let’s see which locations represent kitesurfing spots on Lake Garda, differentiated also for beginners or for experts in board and sail. Because every water sport must be done in absolute safety for oneself and others, clearly, and therefore each spot must be chosen not only for proximity but also for ability and safe structures!

Brenzone Kitesurfing Spot

From this part of the Verona side of Garda, the Pelér wind blows from June to September, a strong wind in the morning and until the early afternoon. A perfect place for kitesurfing with high waves, but not on the shore: a boat is required and then you can immerse yourself in the lake waters.

Here you also find the Malibù Beach, famous for the side-shore wind and the convenient side-on (towards the beach).

Among other beaches and structures, the Kite Surf Marniga in the fraction of Marniga, and the Yacht Club Acquafresca (Polisportiva Fior d’Olivo) nautical base in Località Acquafresca are available.

Campione Kitesurfing at Garda Lake

The Pelér wind blows in this Brescia location from the morning until noon, while in the afternoon the winds from the south arrive, warmer and uniform. For this reason, Campione is one of the best places to do kitesurfing on Garda, from February to October, with a wind parallel to the beach (side-shore). Different beaches are equipped for equipment rental, and there are also schools for aspiring surfers or for experts who want to improve, such as the Reunion Kite Academy and the A.S.D. Kite Campione, on the Lungolago.

Also in Brescia, beginners can take windsurfing and kitesurfing courses in Gargnano, at the OK-Surf school.

Capo Reamol Kitesurf School

The Wind Riders school of this ideal place for sailing offers a lodging service in combination with the Capo Reamol Hotel in Limone. In addition, in Limone is present the Surfing Lino, a surf and kitesurf school for beginners or advanced courses, on the beach of the mouth of the S. Giovanni river.

Kite at Lido di Lonato

This is a spot on the Brescia shore suitable only for those who are truly expert, with a side-on type of wind. A first reconnaissance in this beautiful beach, an uncontaminated area, a natural oasis that offers splendid landscapes on Garda, is more secure.

Malcesine destination for kitesurfers

Here you can practice kitesurfing on Garda from March to October, and the beach is equipped with different services, and there is also a valid center like the Stickl Sport Camps in Val di Sogno. In the center, water sports courses are active under the direction of former world windsurfing champion Heinz Stickl. On the Verona side of Malcesine, it is possible to practice kitesurfing with a side-shore type of wind.

Kitesurfing at Navene

In this location near Malcesine, you can practice kitesurfing from February to October, with a side-shore thermal wind, with an intensity of about 8-10 m/sec to glide on the water. There are various services for surfers on the beaches, and the famous Nany’s Aqua Center, a school for water sports.

Kite at Manerba, Pisenze and Zocco

These two surfing spots are recommended only for experts. The beach of Pisenze, for example, is shaped like a bay that is not allowed for navigation, and the beach of Zocco, with its gravel, also welcomes several surfers who are able to reach it with the side-on and side-shore wind.

Golden Beach in Rivoltella

For surf lovers, this beach is famous, with powerful waves thanks to the strong side-on wind. However, it is suitable for experts only, and surfing should not be practiced in high season, when many people are swimming in the water.

Kitesurf at Sirmione

On the Brema Beach, in particular, experts are able to sail with the board thanks to the side-on wind. However, in high season, this spot on Lake Garda is not recommended due to the high number of bathers in the town, which is one of the most famous on the lake.

Kitesurfing on Lake Garda to the North: the Torbole spot

In this location, the wind is side-off, coming from the land and almost opposing the waves, suitable for more experienced kitesurfers who can best choose the sails and discharge excess wind during the downwind surfing. In Torbole, kitesurfing is only allowed at certain times, so it is best to find out. A well-known school in Nago-Torbole is Surf Segnana at the mouths of the Sarca, as well as the Conca d’Oro Windsurf beach in gravel, Surfcenter Lido, Circolo Surf Torbole ASD in Al Cor and the Vasco Renna Professional Surf Center.

Locations for kitesurfing on Lake Garda “red sticker”, too crowded

Desenzano del Garda is only accessible in low season, because it is often full of bathers and therefore becomes a dangerous place for surfers.

Lake Idro, Kitesurfing at Ponte Caffaro

This location is close to Lake Garda, and is a highly sought after destination for those who want to practice kitesurfing peacefully, away from the tourist crowds on Lake Garda beaches. Here, the wind blows towards the beach (side-on).

Some Surfing Schools on Lake Garda

There are several centers for those who want to learn how to kitesurf on Lake Garda in the Riva del Garda area, such as Windsurf and Kite Surf, the Go Kite Garda Lake association, and the Circolo Altogardakite ASD at Porto San Nicolò, Pierwindsurf at Gola, Sailing du Lac Multisport Centre, and Alessandro Tomasi’s Professional Windsurfing & Sailing School on the famous Spiaggia dei Pini beach.

On the Verona side, for those who want to learn how to windsurf and kitesurf on Lake Garda, it is also possible to go to the Torri del Benaco area and attend the Centro Surf Jean Pierre Ruegsegger, located at the Hotel Baia dei Pini.


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