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Brenzone is a town on Lake Garda that offers surprises with its historical beauty, nature, and remains of ancient villages in its many hamlets or along the lakefront.

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Brenzone is a town on the shores of Lake Garda, on the Veronese shore, that is worth discovering for its history and the many small beauties to see among art and nature.

This area is the one that faces the imposing Mount Baldo, near San Zeno di Montagna and Torri del Benaco. A unique territory that has a peculiarity compared to many other Garda centers: it is divided into many districts!

The districts of Brenzone

The territory includes many villages and areas including Castello, Castelletto, Marniga, Magugnano, Porto and Assenza, as well as several small centers scattered along the slopes of the mountain such as Sommavilla, Biasa, Marniga, Prada – which has facilities for winter tourism. All the districts are arranged to create the central village, which has remained a sort of ancient village on Lake Garda.

The colorful houses, which resemble the Venetian lagoon, alternate with narrow streets, towers and walls, marinas and panoramic terraces. Its “Venetian” vocation is due to its history: Brenzone, like many other places on the Veronese shore, was territory of the Republic of Venice which represented a golden period for this locality.

The rock engravings

The territory was inhabited by primitive populations before the Romans and in fact still today there are rock engravings from the 2nd millennium BC. These are very ancient and important engravings, one composition in particular shows axes and daggers, defined according to prehistoric figurative art.

Today the stone, or rather called “Pietra di Castelletto” with these engravings can be seen in the atrium of the Brenzone Municipality.

The villages and castles of Brenzone

Brenzone was born as a crossroads and passage that was a source of discord, over the centuries some defensive buildings were erected: the so-called Castles of Brenzone. In periods of invasion by various conquering enemies, the indigenous populations took refuge here for their own safeguard.

Only the remains of the four main castles remain, including Castel Brenzone, and the Rocca di Biasa, in the locality of Castelletto. It is a structure that opens up after many small alleys, defending the area for centuries, although today only some remains remain since Federico Barbarossa ordered its destruction in 1158.

Among the things to see in Brenzone there is certainly the village-castle of Campo, which is located inland on the hills. One of the most beautiful villages in Italy, not reachable by car and therefore still intact in its beauty. Here you can visit the church of San Pietro in Vincoli, which shows frescoes from the 13th-14th centuries, particular for their Byzantine influence in form. Today Campo is inhabited by very few people, and many consider it a fascinating ghost village!

Another point of interest is the village of Sommavilla which, as the name suggests, is the highest and is located at the foot of Mount Baldo. Perfect for starting to go on excursions in the middle of nature.

The churches of Brenzone

In the different villages, there are still intact religious buildings of medieval and Renaissance origin that reserve unique atmospheres inside and even some artistic jewels.

The oldest is in Castelletto, San Zen de l’oselet, a 12th-century building that was born on part of a previous Roman villa and today is a cemetery church. Inside there are frescoes from the 13th century that recall the scenes of San Giovanni’s (Zen) life and the importance of baptism.

Another medieval sacred place on this side of Lake Garda is the Church of San Nicola in Assenza (11th-12th century), with the internal walls frescoed at the end of the 13th and 14th centuries.

In the district of Biaza stands the Church of Sant’Antonio Abate, where here too there are frescoes from the 14th century – evidence that it must have been a vital period for this area, given the commissions to painters of the time, which have come down to us uncontaminated.

What to see going down to the shore

There are many beaches in this area that reserve both areas of free access and establishments ideal for athletes or for those who want to take children to the lake.

Furthermore, Brenzone stretches out on the lake in a beautiful position in front of the islet of Trimelone, which alone is worth an excursion even if not too close. Why? Fortified in the 10th century, during the invasions of the Hungarians, the islet was used over the centuries as a deposit of arms and war material – in fact, you cannot approach it for fear of possible explosions.

Isola di Trimelone

For those who want to stay on shore, the lakefront is the kingdom of water sports and many practice windsurfing and kitesurfing, sailing. To practice or admire the sports, you can visit the Acquafresca sports center and the Brenzone Sailing Club in Castelletto, where there is a Yacht Club in which the qualifications on the lake take place in the yacht racing sector.

For those who want to venture into the hinterland, from the lakeside, you can start cycling along the cycle paths of Lake Garda or among the trails. In San Zeno in Prada there is a cable car and chairlift, from where you can reach the panoramic balconies of the surrounding area and start walking in the mountains. The Brenzone territory, in fact, extends up to 2200 meters, on the Telegrafo peak in Monte Maggiore.

Events in Brenzone

In addition to the events related to the International Sailing Regattas, there are religious festivals of which the most famous is the spectacular Living Way of the Cross, which starts from Castelletto on Good Friday and follows the path towards Biasa.

Other festivals and fairs are related to the patron saint of the village, between July and mid-August and then on January 20th in Magugnano. An ancient fair is the one of Santa Caterina in Castelletto, linked to the livestock market and takes place on November 25th every year.

In the hamlet of Campo the most famous festival is the night of San Lorenzo, on August 10th, with the event Music among the olive trees.

There is much to see and do in Brenzone!

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