The Thermal Baths of Lake Garda

Lake Garda is full of thermal springs that have been exploited for centuries for healing and beauty treatments, and still today among the most famous spas and spas. Let's find out!

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The thermal pools in this area of Italy date back to Roman times. That’s because the thermal sources on Lake Garda were known for the properties of their waters, and many people came from nearby and distant cities of the Empire to enjoy the mild climate and benefits: salus per aquam, after all, is a Latin motto even if it was invented and used today!

If you are in doubt about which are the best spas on Lake Garda, you should especially consider your needs, because there are many spas, and these are classic spa resorts as well as theme parks, hotels with spas, wellness centers.

The abundance of thermal sources allows for the discovery of thermal pools in many locations on Lake Garda, where it is possible to regain wellness and vitality in just one day or over a weekend – thanks to the healing properties of the water and periodic discounts on entrance and treatments.

The spa center of Aquaria

Among the most famous, there are certainly the thermal centers of Sirmione, and among all of them, the Aquaria Thermal Baths stand out. For a wellness stay, Aquaria offers much more than just thermal treatments. Located on the tip of the Sirmione peninsula, the center is a magical place of beauty and health, with sources of salt-bromine-iodine and sulfur waters, which come from the earth at around 69°C, to provide relief for many respiratory, rheumatic, and dermatological conditions. Even for those seeking a beauty elixir, the Catullo, Virgilio, and Boiola (from Monte Baldo) sources allow for the enjoyment of mud and balneotherapy, relaxing baths in the pools.

Terme di Sirmione

There are two spas, flanked by the Aquaria Thermal SPA wellness center where you can also find beauty treatments, massages, and a spectacular view of Lake Garda.

These thermal baths, among the largest in Italy, also allow you to go on excursions to the nearby Grotte di Catullo, an archaeological complex of a truly fascinating villa built in Roman times.

The Thermal Park of Colà di Lazise

Nestled in 13 hectares of greenery in the Lazise area, on the Venetian shore, this Garda Thermal Park has several thermal pools, with temperatures ranging from 37 to 42 degrees Celsius. In addition, you can visit fountains and caves, which make the Colà park suggestively charming.

Perfect for those seeking a oasis of wellness and nature, they allow you to enjoy the mineral water that comes from two specific aquifers, located in the Thermal Park of the 18th-century Villa dei Cedri; they flow from a depth of about 200 meters, the sources of bicarbonate-calcium-magnesium water used to purify the kidneys, treat rheumatic and dermatological conditions. Water that can also be drunk!

Caesius Terme in Bardolino

This time we enter a hotel, the Caesius Terme, which on the shores of Lake Garda welcomes visitors with a noteworthy thermal program. It offers the treatments of its high-profile Hotel SPA, equipped with thermal water pools, pools, and a wellness center. 

The source that arrives directly at the Caesius originates from Monte Baldo, and reserves the wellness of oligomineral thermal waters for exotic treatments, such as ayurvedic treatments. Here you can follow hydropinic therapies for the kidneys, inhalation therapies for the respiratory system, and rehabilitation treatments at the motor level in the pool.

Giunone thermal baths

In Caldiero, in the Veronese hinterland, these thermal baths are located, which offer not only wellness treatments based on mineral waters, but also entertainment offers. Starting from the thermal treatments, this center is recommended for those seeking hypotermic waters, bicarbonate-sulfate-calcium-magnesium that can also be drunk. In the ancient secular park, you can find the two stone pools dating back to the Middle Ages, immersed in a small wooded area, the Brentella and the Cavalla, and are only accessible in the summer.

Another 6 pools of the Giunone Thermal Baths are instead dedicated to the entertainment of children, equipped with slides and attractions like in water parks. There is also a new facility with a small naturalistic oasis:, a pond, a small hill, and some sports fields in the surroundings.

Thermal baths in Comano

Heading up the Trentino shore, about 25 km, the thermal baths on Lake Garda transform in terms of water. In Comano (Trento), the thermal facilities offer an Eden-like landscape in a park between the Dolomiti di Brenta and the oligomineral, magnesium waters, with calcium and bicarbonate with excellent dermatological healing properties. They flow at 27°C and are very well known for their properties against dermatitis and psoriasis, as well as for the wellness of the respiratory tract. The thermal center is recognized by the Ministry of Health.

A nearby SPA is that of the Grand Hotel Terme di Comano, where you can enjoy wellness and beauty treatments, and in-room balneotherapy, always with products based on thermal waters.

Garda Thermae in Arco

If you are looking for a thermal area in the north of Garda, and a Wellness center on the Trentino shores, then you can discover this structure. An innovative and modern center, with heated water pools, silence, light games, saunas. They are not exactly therapeutic from thermal sources, but the waters here play an important role in the salus per aquam concept.

Well-being can be enjoyed in the outdoor pool or in the small pool for children, and even in the saltwater pool where there are umbrellas and sun loungers. The concept is to combine a wellness center, aesthetic and fitness treatments, and also medical services, with the Garda Thermae Medical SPA: an innovative specialized polyclinic, authorized by the Autonomous Province of Trento, which treats the rehabilitations of the musculoskeletal system, with psychological support to improve the patient’s quality of life. It is worth mentioning that the use of swimwear is not required in the entire wellness and sauna area.

Aquardens Thermal Baths in Verona 

Finally, we mention this spa complex which is not exactly located like the other spas on Lake Garda, but nearby, in Pescantina. The water in this wellness park is salty-bromine-iodic, available in 11 outdoor and indoor tubs and pools, with a temperature of 47°C and beneficial properties for the immune system, rheumatic pathologies and dermatological problems. Same properties as the nearby Terme della Valpolicella.

For children there is a playground, while for adults the benefits of over 200 hydromassage stations!

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