The Best Beaches of Moniga del Garda

If you're looking for some relaxing beaches on the Brescia shore of Lake Garda, then you might consider heading to Moniga and discovering its shores.

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If you’re looking for some relaxing beaches on the Brescia shore of Lake Garda, then you might consider heading to Moniga and discovering its shores. Always in close contact with the lake’s natural beauty, often in a somewhat “wild” state, the beaches vary from one to another.

Moniga Port Beach

The most accessible one starts from the pier, near the village – approximately a kilometer away from the center. You descend towards the lake (which will be an ascent on your way back!) and arrive at the free beach of the port, where various amenities are available – you’ll find showers, restrooms, lounge chair and umbrella rentals, parking nearby, and the option to rent paddleboats.

The beach is spacious, with ample gravel, and in some areas, larger stones than the usual pebbles. The lakeside promenade has been arranged for a walk to Marina di Padenghe, and nearby there are bars and restaurants for dining or grabbing a snack. In the evening, there’s also an aperitif to relax by the lakeside at sunset, with a splendid view of Lake Garda.

The port offers several piers for diving or sunbathing. Additionally, it’s a starting point for a ferry excursion or a boat ride with Navigazione Laghi (Navigarda).

For those who want to venture on foot, after Moniga Port, to the right, there are also several free beaches among the reeds.

Preara Beach: The Dog-Friendly Shore

This lakeside location is reached by heading left after the descent to Garda, towards Manerba.

It’s a beach reserved for dogs, with free access, made up of pebbles and a not very wide shore, with green space and grassy areas for camping behind. In addition to beach access, parking nearby is also free.

San Michele, Zocco, and Liner Beaches

These are two beaches in Moniga del Garda located to the left of the port, with free access for those who want to relax without the stress of beach clubs.

The beaches have gravel terrain, with not very spacious areas but greenery nearby. They are close to several bars up the road, where you can enjoy an aperitif and watch the sunset.

As you continue towards Manerba, a series of campsites with less crowded beaches and more greenery along the lake begin.

Spiaggia San Sivino

Venturing to the border between Moniga and Manerba, the beaches wind into a cove, famous for its Bronze Age pile-dwelling civilization artifacts! The settlement of ancient pile dwellings at San Sivino-Gabbiano is submerged in the lake.

San Sivino offers clear water, a rocky bottom, and a gravel beach, although not very wide, where you can relax.

Baia Bianca Beach

Here again, pebbles and greenery combine on the narrow beach, but the most significant attraction is the lakeside establishment, renowned for dining and for its aperitifs and musical evenings. You can rent loungers and deck chairs, and the social scene is always lively.

How to Get to the Beaches of Moniga del Garda?

This area of the Brescia shore can be reached from the Desenzano exit of the A4 Torino/Venezia highway, following the road signs towards Salò. After about 10 kilometers, you’ll find Moniga, and you can start choosing which beach to stop at.

It is advisable to park near the port, descending towards the coast, where you will find several parking lots – both paid and free (farther from the lake).

Using public transportation is more complicated since there is no train station in Moniga del Garda, and you must get off at Desenzano. From there, the center of Moniga is approximately ten kilometers away. Some buses depart from Brescia station and go to various locations on the lake, including Moniga.

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