The best beaches in Bardolino

Discover the best beaches in Bardolino: enjoy them during the summer time and swim into the clear water of that part of the Garda Lake.

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The Veronese coast of Garda is always very populated, and the coasts that from June to September host tourists or the Gardesans themselves for beach life are famous. Among these, Bardolino is certainly a vital center, where it is easy to find organized coasts with many services, easy to reach and perfect for enjoying the beautiful season on the lake.

Among the best beaches of Bardolino, there are both well-equipped free beaches and bathing establishments designed for those who want more comfort. Not only that, in this Garda coast you will also find ideal beaches for those who love to stay away from the chaos and take long and regenerating walks.

Cornicello Beach

This free beach is located near the center of Bardolino, is equipped with services and free parking nearby. Ideal for those who want to relax in the sun and move in the shade when needed, being close to a tree-lined area where there is also a play area for children.

The adjacent park is a plantation of olive trees, laurels and oleanders with intense scents and splendid colors, in every season. It will be nice to relax in this scenario, and maybe dive in – the water is quite deep.

The beach is made up of gravel and rocks that dot the lake; has amenities and offers a nearby restaurant. At Punta Cornicello there is also a pedal boat rental service for those who want to swim off the Garda lake.

Cisano Beach (or Cisano Lido)

A free gravel beach that runs along the lakefront between Bardolino and Lazise, perfect for walking and, perhaps, stopping for a relaxing break. The town of Cisano is not far from the center of Bardolino, and welcomes you with a beach that alternates grassy areas, pebbles and rocks; not very high water (perfect for children) which can be accessed via the stone steps for diving. You will also find a bar, a playground and a pedal boat rental service, as well as the usual toilets and showers on the beaches equipped for tourism.

Lido di Cisano can be easily reached by car, as there is a large car park, and is suitable for long stays thanks to the adjacent lawn area, used as a picnic area with tables. A perfect welcome for all visitors who want to stop on the Cisanese beach after a walk on Lake Garda.

On the coast there are also facilities with private beaches, including a sandy beach reserved for guests of a seaside campsite.

Mirabello Beach

Among the best beaches in Bardolino there is this private lido, which can be accessed with a paid entrance at the Lido Mirabello establishment; inside there is a well-equipped beach, with a bar and restaurant.

It is located right at the southern entrance of Bardolino and looks like a gravel beach, with rocks and grassy areas in a variable but relaxing landscape, thanks to a spectacular view of Lake Garda. Some discover this beach by strolling along the lakefront, and it is also perfect for a stop to eat, or to rest among the plants that provide shade.

In the Mirabello beach there are also changing rooms and showers, and relaxation can be complete also due to the fact that you are far from all chaos. The bar-restaurant has a large outdoor terrace, well known to those who love sunbathing in front of the lake.

Here the water of the lake is immediately deep and is a perfect shoreline for diving, from which you can immediately return to the sun loungers or deck chairs.

Holiday Beach

A bathing establishment in Bardolino perfect for those looking for fun, with evenings of music and events that alternate the beach life. The Lido Holiday Beach has large spaces with solarium on the lawn, DJ sets, areas for live music, theme parties: a coastline, therefore, which represents a meeting place for the “nightlife” of Bardolino.

The Lido also offers a restaurant open every day, renowned throughout the Bardolino area for its cuisine, which is inspired by local traditions and comes with interesting creative reinterpretations. The restaurant also offers a bar area for aperitifs in front of the lake, to be enjoyed in the green garden which serves as a solarium beach during the day and as a location for drinks and snacks in the evening.

Walks and cruises, from the beaches of Bardolino

For those who love being under the sun, but sometimes want to enter more into the “world” of the lake, from Bardolino there are also small cruises on the sailing ship, modern or vintage, which crosses the Garda on a tour to discover the nearby towns.

The possibility of making tours to the mountains, as well as in the large Garda, completes the offer of excursions in the area. If you prefer a relaxing walk, however, the lakeside walk, as we have said, is wide, and you can start from the port of Bardolino and continue towards more naturalistic landscapes with coves, fine gravel beaches, vegetation and reeds; places where swans and ducks also meet. Each path is equipped with rest areas with panoramic benches, ideal for a romantic walk!

Are you in Bardolino during the winter time? Don’t worry, Bardolino gave its name to the typical red wine of the area, and the festivals dedicated to viticulture such as the “Grape and Bardolino Wine Festival” or the “Novello Festival“, between October and November, are also very famous. Because of their beauty, these beaches can also be enjoyed in autumn or in spring among the landscape, nature and areas equipped for a pleasant toast!

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