Cycle path from Brescia to Desenzano

For those who travel by bicycle, there is a road that crosses different towns and landscapes along the shores of Lake Garda, the cycle path from Brescia to Desenzano.

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For lovers of eco-friendly two-wheelers, there is a bike path along the shores of Lake Garda, offering panoramic views. In particular, the cycle path that connects the lake with Brescia, stretches for about 20 km through scenic landscapes that are otherwise not easily visible. For those ready to set out, the bike ride from Brescia to Desenzano starts in the Lombard city, in front of the Mille Miglia Museum…

From Brescia to Garda by bicycle

The first section of the Brescia – Desenzano del Garda cycle path is shared with the Brescia – Salò road, starting from the museum dedicated to the Mille Miglia car race, towards the church of Sant’Eufemia.

You cross the city and follow the Naviglio that runs through this eastern part of Brescia, to reach Mazzano. In this locality, you cycle along less busy and peaceful roads, but since it is not an immediate reserved cycle path, it is advisable to pay attention to intersections.

This route winds through natural landscapes in the greenery, and some sections of the ancient Via Emilia Gallica, created to connect Bordeaux to Constantinople. You continue through the morainic hills towards the lake, and here you will come across the most beautiful panoramas of Lake Garda: when you climb (the route is a bit steeper) and look towards the waters and inhabited scenarios towards Desenzano.

Distance and travel time

The bike route takes about an hour and a half to complete, at a normal pace, covering a distance of about 20 kilometers.

For the return trip, less trained cyclists can take the train that accommodates bicycles, from Desenzano to Brescia.

Route and map of the Brescia – Desenzano cycle path

  • Start: from Brescia Est – Molinetto di Mazzano. You arrive at the Molinetto traffic light and turn towards the church, in the town center.
  • From Molinetto to Pontenove: the road is shared with cars and motorcycles, and is the section of the Roman era Via Emilia Gallica. At the traffic light, turn towards Ponte sul Chiese and take this secondary road for about 2 kilometers.
  • You cross a historic stone bridge, with an eighteenth-century central structure, and follow a medieval parish church, the church dedicated to the Annunciation. Here, there is also a relaxation and picnic area with benches and tables, where you can rest your bike.
  • From Ponte sul Chiese to Bedizzole: from this locality after the church, continue towards an intersection that leads to Salaghetto and arrive at the cycle path – to take it, you have to reach a farmhouse and turn right. From here, you arrive at the intersection between Bedizzole and Ponte San Marco.
  • From Ponte San Marco to Sedena: from the previous intersection, continue on the cycle path and then reach the right turn after Ponte San Marco and take a road that crosses the Garda hills. The panorama becomes different, for about 2 kilometers the morainic heights offer landscapes and a slight uphill for the bike, which leads to Monteroseo and then for another 2 kilometers towards Sedena, via a secondary road.
  • From Padenghe to the Maguzzano Abbey: arrived at an intersection with Padenghe / Lonato, take a secondary road and cross until you reach the abbey, which is on the left. From here, take the uphill cycle path again and continue towards Desenzano, taking a road parallel to the main road, the Corsia for the Merician Institute.
  • Towards Desenzano: the cycle path continues by taking a dirt road, for about a kilometer, where you arrive at the roundabout in the center of Desenzano del Garda. And here, you finally arrive at Lake Garda!
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