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Discover the best beaches in Sirmione, one of the best places of the entire Garda Lake. Here there is also the best beach that is lived by the locals!

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The beauty of Sirmione’s beaches is famous, also for its unique position on the peninsula, which embraces the lake from different angles. Panoramas and types of different beaches abound, therefore, for those looking for a coastline to discover so many different locations.

To find out which are the best ones, then, just follow my suggestions!

Jamaica Beach

Migliori spiagge di Sirmione

Famous for its resemblance to tropical beaches, this shore is considered spectacular for its wild beauty and for its accessibility: it can be reached by walking inside the old town of Sirmione!

You can also reach it by boat starting from the nearby site of the Grotte di Catullo, and arrive to this paradise that boasts unspoiled vegetation, rocky slabs and transparent waters. The white stones smoothed by time, and the pink ones that emerge when the waters are low, create a unique scenario together with the colors of the sky and of the lake, in every season.

Here you will also find a small place to enjoy the lake view, and maybe enjoying an aperitif during the sunset time: among the best beaches in Sirmione, you will certainly find the … Jamaican one!

Lido delle Bionde

La spiaggia Lido delle Bionde a Sirmione

Following the lakeside promenade from the center of Sirmione you find yourself on a wild beach, where vegetation abounds and surrounds the coast, making it a romantic and suggestive place. Contrasting colors, the turquoise of the lake and the green of the plants, ideal for the ones who love free beaches surrounded by nature.

A curiosity: the origin of the name of this coast derives from “biunda”, a Germanic term that means “fence”, and probably in the Lombard period it was a protected land.

In fact, antiquity is part of this beach, which is located between the remains of the Roman domus known as Grotte di Catullo and the park of Villa Cortine; nearby you will also find one of the best lake fish restaurants in Sirmione, and a bar around which the pleasant social life of the beach revolves.

Punta Staffalo

Punta Staffalo

Located on the western side of the Sirmione peninsula, it is a very popular beach among those who visit the village and find themselves practically… in a bathing suit! The stones of the free beach in the center welcome the visitor even for a short break in the sun, along the panoramic walk of the village.

From this position of the lake it offers a beautiful panoramic view, and an almost “unexpected” natural landscape.

Porto Galeazzi Beach

Next to the village of Sirmione, about 2 kilometers away, you can reach one of the beaches preferred by local swimmers and tourists, especially those who are traveling with children. It’s a free access beach and well equipped: on this Garda beach you will find beach-volleyball courts, ping pong tables and the possibility of water skiing, canoeing and windsurfing.

More than for the beauty of the shore, many prefer Porto Galeazzi for its comfort and for the atmosphere treated to the utmost for visitors.

Lido Brema

Among the best beaches in Sirmione there is the Lido Brema: a grassy area outside the village with a splendid view of the Scaligero Castle in the background.

In addition to the naturalistic and romantic views, Brema beach offers a shore well equipped for those who want to live on the beach and socialize. You will find comfortable deckchairs, sun loungers, umbrellas and equipment for water sports (kitesurfing, windsurfing, canoeing).

Near the beach there is a free parking as it’s 3 km far from the center of Sirmione.

Punta Grò Beach

Spiaggia punta grò a Sirmione

Those who love natural beaches can also turn towards this beach surrounded by reeds of various lengths, densities and depths, which enliven this sandy coast. On the beach, however, there are facilities for renting pedal boats and sunbeds, and also for water skiing – if you have the technique this is the right place!

The beach is made up of pebbles and grass with lots of greenery in the surroundings and a suggestive jetty. If you want to reach the Punta Giò beach is good to know that it’s 5km far from Sirmione, in the direction of Peschiera del Garda.

Lido di Lugana

Spiaggia Lido di Lugana a Sirmione

Santa Maria di Lugana is a renowned beach which has obtained the “Blue Flag” for the quality of water and services, but also for environmental care and for safety measures.

Here grass and pebbles welcome you to a beach outside the center of Sirmione, but very popular especially for its child-friendly amenities. On the coast you will find games and structures for children, which alternate with the classic deckchairs and beds for adults, bars, restaurants, free parking (except August).

Lido Parrocchiale

Reach the green lawn and reflect the colors in the blue of the lake: here is the freest free beach there is! It is located about 4 km from the center of Sirmione, also in Lugana, it is devoid of services but full of unique views of the Garda, to be enjoyed in an edenic and naturalistic environment that recalls the Garda of many years ago.

One of the best beaches in Sirmione, for those who love to feel completely immersed in the nature of the lake and its landscapes.

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