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Discover the best beaches in Salò: one of the most beautiful towns that you can visit around the Garda Lake.

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Set on the west shore of Lake Garda, Salò is located in a natural amphitheater that slopes towards the water, giving visitors numerous beaches, freely accessible.

Among the best beaches of Salò there are someones located in the southern part of the gulf, towards Portese and San Felice del Benaco. Like the major part of beaches in the Garda Lake area, many of these are equipped and comfortable for everyone, always equipped with services and catering activities nearby.

Each with its own atmosphere, to be explored day after day, to experience this Garda area in all its intimate and exclusive charm …

Rive beach

To get to this gravel beach that winds along the lakeside of Salò you have to head towards Porto Canottieri. When you reach the so-called Rive you are in one of the small and quiet free beaches of Salò, windy and relaxing.

This space combines the old port and the walkway that functions as a walk to the lake, has benches, a wooden pier, trees for shade in summer and all year round offers a beautiful view of the gulf and Monte Baldo.

The Spiaggetta delle Rive is located not far from the center, about 500 meters and 10 minutes on foot, and can represent a stop towards the most famous beach of the Mulino …

Mulino and Mokai beach

Located towards the end of the Gulf of Salò in the southern area of the lake, the Mulino beach is one of the most famous shores also for the presence of services and facilities such as the kiosk bar at Lido delle Tavine and the more famous one at Mokai Beach.

Here you will have the opportunity to rent umbrellas and sunbeds, and use the piers of the adjacent Lido delle Tavine to relax in the sun – by the way, it is good to know that the shore is very busy in the morning, as it is covered in shade in the afternoon. Perhaps this moment, without too much sun, becomes suitable for renting a pedal boat and diving into the lake waters …

It is a pebble beach, also equipped in the Mokai area with cabins and showers, and its name derives from an old out-of-use mill that can be seen just behind the coast. Today it is also called the Conca d’Oro beach, taking its name from the nearby hotel of the same name, which offers a private beach with garden, kiosk and relaxation area from which to enjoy the view of the lake.

It represents a place of sociality on the coast as the kiosk organizes aperitifs and evenings, events that also continue animating the nightlife of Salò. For sports enthusiasts, the lido often serves as a meeting place for diving enthusiasts, divers who meet at the Mulino beach to dive in Garda on this Brescia side, or for enthusiasts who want to take the license at the nearby headquarters of the Sub Brescia club. Here there is an underwater gym, in fact: a system of platforms and wrecks sunk in the lake, which reaches up to 34 meters deep!

Nelle vicinanze della spiaggia ci sono parcheggi a pagamento, tra cui uno ampio che può ospitare anche camper e piccoli bus turistici.

Bau Beach

Dog lovers can safely go to the Salò dog beach, which is also located near via Tavine after Mokai Beach.

A place reserved for four-legged friends, with a gravel shore, not equipped but safe for those who want to let their dog dive into the Garda and relax on the lakefront. It is quite large (about 500 square meters), open 24 hours a day and even on some days offers the presence of professionals for dog training lessons.

Spiaggia Rive Grandi a Barbarano

Among the most beautiful beaches in Salò there is this lido which is located in Barbarano not far from the lakefront in the area, on the northern shore of the gulf not far from Gardone Riviera.

It is a small free pebble beach, with a peaceful landscape and a beautiful panorama. From here you have the feeling of being in a sheltered gulf and in a small Eden, also thanks to the fact that the beach of Barbarano has no structures around it except the walls that line the lakefront, trees and houses close to it. The scenery is particularly pleasant at sunset, when the beach is less crowded than on summer days, and this location is also a place frequented by divers for diving in the Garda – the seabed is steep.

The coast is equipped with a parking lot not far away, and you will have the opportunity to rent a boat or a motorboat, for excursions in the Garda, suggestive in every season. Nearby you will also find a bar and a supermarket for every need for refreshment.

Rimbalzello Beach

On the shore of di Barbarano you will find this coast with paid entrance, which offers you services of great comfort in a relaxing and exclusive environment. It is located inside the lido of the Il Rimbalzello Sports Center and offers the spaces of a swimming pool, sports fields for soccer, tennis and beach volleyball, a diving center for diving and canoes for excursions in Garda.

You will also have a park where you can relax near the lake – in addition to the standard facilities of showers, sun beds and umbrellas. The beach, in fact, is part of the Rimbalzello Adventure Park, an amusement park on Lake Garda that offers paths suspended between the trees of the park, designed for various heights and difficulties – therefore, for adults and children in search of adventure.

If you love the active life, the Rimbalzello is equipped with an entertainment service and there are several tournaments organized within the club, swimming lessons, opportunities for sailing excursions; for children up to 16 there are also summer camps. For the lazy, however, there is always a pleasant whirlpool space …

The bar offers events at the weekend, with the renowned happy hour aperitif that opens the nightlife of the coast, to experience the shore of Salò at any time.

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