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Tremosine is a location on Lake Garda famous for its panoramic view, but not only... discover what to see and do in Tremosine and its surroundings, for your vacation!

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This village on Lake Garda is famous for its beauty, or rather for the beauty of its panorama since it is located in a privileged position, favorable for observing the lake from above. Yet there are also other things to do and see in Tremosine sul Garda!

The breathtaking panorama of Lake Garda: the Terrace of Fear

Surely the most natural thing for those who reach this fabulous place is to see the landscape that can be enjoyed from several points of the plateau. Exciting, especially from the famous Terrace of Fear, the panorama that allows you to see the underlying cliff, the coastal road, and in the distance, Monte Baldo in its atmosphere and colors, between sky and water.

The extreme altitude is due to the fact that Tremosine is located on top of a cliff carved by an ancient glacier, at 400 meters above sea level.

The hamlets of Tremosine, places to discover

This village, inhabited by about 2000 people, is the emblem of territorial differentiation: it is divided into 17 historical hamlets and 1 “recent” one born in the sixties.


The main hamlet is Pieve, a charming village that reserves the famous terrace of the Hotel Paradiso, suspended in the void and really “scary”. Furthermore, another view is the one from Bar Tremosine, which in addition to the peaks on the other side of Lake Garda can give an image of the village with its ancient church.

It is the Church of San Giovanni Battista, a building with different levels of construction on the old medieval church, from the Romanesque style to the eighteenth-century one, which offers wooden decorations and an altar inside, as well as a coat of arms on the side portal that seems to have given rise to the name of Tremosine. This brand shows 3 human heads in profile, marked with the C and T of Comunitas Tremoseni.

In Pieve, there is also an ancient washhouse, medieval buildings, delightful alleys, and a characteristic round staircase.


Another hamlet of Tremosine sul Garda is Voltino, from which a plaque in Etruscan and Celtic-Cenomanian language from the first century AD derives – it was walled near the bell tower, now it is in a Brescia museum but testifies to an ancient settlement perhaps of Etruscan era. The plaque comes from the Church of San Lorenzo Martire, a XII century building that stands on an ancient pagan temple of the first century, precisely.


In the hamlet of Vesio, on a panoramic site, stands the Church of San Bartolomeo Apostolo, of Renaissance origin but decorated and rebuilt in the eighteenth century.

Other Hamlets

Another hamlet is Campi located higher than all at 691 meters above sea level.

The trek from Pieve to the Garda allows you to reach the hamlet of Campione del Garda, with a route full of panoramic corners, which follows the descending path towards the lake, along very steep walls, breathtaking even for the most experienced hikers.

Other hamlets are Ariàs, Bassanega, Cadignano, Castone, Mezzema, Musio, Pregasio, Priezzo, Secastello, Sermerio, Sompriezzo, Ustecchio, Villa, Voiandes.

These hamlets are nestled among hills, valleys, and plains of pines and olive trees where many mule tracks wind. Here, for centuries, the famous mountain pastures were located, where butter and cheese were produced, and the forges of blacksmiths for the creation of work tools and nails. A unique landscape, which after being admired also allows you to reach other splendid villages on Lake Garda, Limone, and Tignale, along the road of Tignalga.

Forra Road

To reach Tremosine, the road can be complex, but spectacular, and this too is something to see in this corner of Garda. You have to go up the western coast, the Lombard one, and just before Limone you have to turn left and take the road to Tremosine, winding and narrow because it climbs between the rocks, in a unique canyon: the Forra.

This canyon was carved millennia ago by the Brasa stream, and today a high and narrow valley is derived from it, where at a certain point the gallery dug into the riverbed opens, the tunnel that the locals created by diverting the river in the early twentieth century, to build an easy road that connects Tremosine to Garda. When you exit the tunnel, you can refresh yourself in this place with a spectacular scenery, at the La Forra Restaurant. If you arrive for dinner, you can see the illuminated rocky walls, in a surreal suggestion, we could say.

Places to visit near Tremosine

For those who want to move away towards the mountains, you can go up to the Val di Bondo and reach the Nota pass, at the alpine refuge of Vesio di Tremosine. Crossing the ridge of the mountain, you arrive at places that evoke the First World War, with a trench, a war cemetery, and a bell. The Val di Bondo, excavated by the river that takes its name from the Celtic “bunda” or basin, always derives from the period of glaciations. Today the plain turns into a small lake on occasions of heavy rains – when you can admire Lake Bondo. If once the water flowed abundantly from the sides of the mountain, today this phenomenon is much rarer, but it is worth trying in some seasons…

Another place not far from Tremosine, starting from the locality of Polzone, is the Eremo di San Michele. It is located in an isolated position and in an almost fortified building, as a hermitage often is, surrounded by the Gardesana Forest – the largest forest in the Lombardy Region, on the border with Trentino and the Valle di Ledro.

Ciao lettore 🙂 Sono Michele, ho 30 anni e vivo sul Lago di Garda, più precisamente a Toscolano Maderno. La passione e la bellezza di questo territorio mi hanno spinto a condividere con voi i miei migliori consigli e tutto ciò che riguarda il Lago di Garda. Se avete bisogno di informazioni ulteriori commentate l'articolo e vi risponderò in 24 ore! Buon viaggio a tutti!


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