The Busatte Tempesta trail near to Riva del Garda

If you love trekking on Lake Garda, the Busatte Tempesta trail awaits you, winding through the slopes of Mount Baldo, full of emotions in the landscapes.

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There are many discoveries to be made on Lake Garda, including the many panoramic trails that the mountain nature reserves, right above the shores of the lake. One of the most exciting and accessible routes is the Busatte Tempesta trail from Torbole, a sort of must for those who love trekking. Comfortable shoes and useful information are needed to start…

Where to start

Easy and relaxing, this trail is about 4 kilometers long and on the way back, it is possible to either walk it in reverse or take the bus to relax after the walk. The trekking winds along the side of Mount Baldo, which overlooks this area of Lake Garda and reaches with its system of mountain peaks, to the territory of Verona.

Starting from the territory of Torbole, near Riva del Garda, in the Trentino shore of the Benaco. From Torbole, you must proceed to the Busatte location, a steep road leads from here to the Busatte Adventure Park where the panoramic Busatte Tempesta route begins.

After the Le Busatte restaurant, you turn onto a downhill road that immerses you in the forest and this is where the Garda trekking begins!

The panoramic corners in the nature

You are walking about 100 meters above the lake, on a route that, however, presents several differences in height (about 300 meters), which are traveled through scenic staircases.

This is a much-appreciated feature of this trail: the presence of iron stairs attached to the rock walls that wind along the cliff overlooking the lake and offer an incomparable view. There are 400 steps fixed to the rock, and they provide both emotions and a bit of effort in the uphill sections.

The Busatte Tempesta trail offers a path through lush vegetation (not by chance the name Baldo comes from Wald = forest), but also clearings or more barren sections, where rocks outline the landscape and in some areas it is also possible to walk on top of them, as was done for centuries in the connections between Garda locations.

The Marocche Debris

Walking in the first part of the trail, one encounters the Marocche debris, a testimony of the past and the forces of nature. The Marocche are a set of huge boulders that have been detached from the mountain and deposited at the foot of the cliff by the erosive action of water and wind. The Marocche debris is a unique natural monument and a popular tourist destination for all those who love nature and geological wonders.

Actually, this phenomenon is quite widespread in this area and also in other locations. There is a specific trail, called the Marocche di Dro, located about ten kilometers away, which allows you to discover these stones that represent the rocky remains of the last glacial era, or about 200,000 years ago.

When the glaciers retreated and melted, the debris they held fell along the ridge of the mountain and down to the valley, creating over time a unique landscape of rocks, fragmented and shaped by millennia of atmospheric agents.

The 4 Staircases of the Busatte Tempesta Trail

After the first part of the rocky trail, the paths with stairs start, descending along the side and surrounded by lush nature, especially during the good weather. The second staircase is the longest, but the vegetation in some places protects from the heat and sun in summer, and it is pleasant and not strenuous to walk it.

Between the stairs and walkways, you can admire the breathtaking view of Lake Garda in many places where the trees do not obstruct the view. By overcoming two ridges, the Corno di Bò (Bull) and Sal de la Cavra (Goat), the staircases give an unforgettable thrill while looking at Riva del Garda, Torbole, the surrounding imposing mountains, and the blue and transparent waters of the Benaco.

At the end of the trail, you reach the vicinity of Tempesta, a location that during the Austro-Hungarian Empire marked the border with Italy. From here you can choose to continue to the bus stop and wait for it to return to Torbole, or to retrace the path in reverse – for the more athletic!

The walk takes about three hours (round trip) and for those who want to take some breaks, half a day can be spent enjoying the scenery calmly.

Returning to the Busatte Adventure Park

You return to the starting point where you’ll also find the Le Busatte restaurant, considered a reference place for lunch or dinner after the trekking, for those who choose an excursion on the Busatte Tempesta trail.

From Riva del Garda, and in any case from the Trentino side of Lake Garda, this route represents one of the most scenic and recommended for those who want to spend a holiday or excursion on Lake Benaco.

It’s also an easy and educational walk, as there are descriptive signs along the entire trail about the fauna and flora that you encounter.

Dogs are allowed, if they are used to stairs, while for very young children it becomes tiring, sometimes even because of the heat – so, with children it’s better to plan the excursion on less hot days.

Useful information for reaching the Busatte Tempesta trail

If you arrive by car, you need to take the Brenner Motorway, exit Rovereto South and then take the SS240 in the direction of Nago-Torbole.

Nago-Torbole can also be reached via the Brenner State Road 12, or alternatively from Trento you can take the SS 45 bis. If you are coming from the southern area of Lake Garda, then you can take the SS 249.

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