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Discover the best beaches in Malcesine, both free and equipped. In this town on Lake Garda, even relaxing becomes special!

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Malcesine is not only one of the most beautiful towns on Lake Garda, but it is also one of the places where you can find the best beaches on the Venetian shore. There are several options, between equipped and free beaches, that you can consider when looking for a beach in Malcesine.

Paina Beach

Paina Beach, located in the street of the same name, is located north of Malcesine and is about 150 meters from its center. It is a pebble beach, free, equipped with beach volleyball fields and a small soccer field. Here you can also find a part of the equipped beach with a paid entrance, as well as several bars that are great refreshment points for those who prefer not to bring anything from home. The view of Malcesine Castle on the left is priceless.

Posterna Beach

This is a very small but beautiful and unique beach, certainly more used as a “passing beach” than for spending an entire day. To access it, you must reach the historic center and, before the entrance to the castle, turn into the small alley on its left.

Val di Sogno Bay

The third beach located in the town of Malcesine is that of Val di Sogno, located just after the hospital. Also in this case it is a completely free beach but surrounded by bars and restaurants. The peculiarity of this gravel and pebble beach is that, during dry periods, it becomes the starting point to reach the nearby Isola del Sogno.

Here there is also the possibility of renting everything you need to spend a relaxing day: sunbeds, deck chairs, and umbrellas. Finally, it is possible to practice sports such as sailing and windsurfing by renting equipment of all kinds.

Navene Beach (north of Malcesine)

It is one of the most famous in Malcesine but is located 4km away (north) from the town center. Highly frequented, it is a free beach in small pebbles with bars, pizzerias, and restaurants in the nearby surroundings. Furthermore, it is possible to practice windsurfing and all the water sports that are the protagonists of the Upper Garda area.

Campagnola Beach (north of Malcesine)

Like Navene Beach, Campagnola Beach is also located north of Malcesine, about 3km from its center. This is also a free beach, one of the largest in this area, composed of small light-colored stones and equipped with bars and various receptive structures.

Cassone Beach (south of Malcesine)

To the south of Malcesine, 5 km from the center, is Cassone, which with its beach is one of the most sought-after destinations for those seeking freedom, peace, and tranquility. Here you can find a free gravel beach.

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