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Wellness, relaxation and spa treatments: in Sirmione you can have a unique experience in the spa facilities, with different prices based on treatments and stays.

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In this town, one of the most beautiful on Lake Garda, the presence of thermal waters has been known since ancient times. Today the thermal baths of Sirmione are renowned all over the world, among the most beautiful in Italy, not only for the quality of the thermal waters, but also for the splendid panoramas they offer over Lake Garda.

For those who want to experience a stay at the Terme di Sirmione, it is advisable to inquire first about the properties of the waters, the prices of the spa facilities and how to get there, book: to enjoy the treatments in complete relaxation!

The spa facilities and waters of Sirmione

First of all, it is important to understand where the thermal complexes of Sirmione are located and what they offer, which exploit the waters of volcanic origin gushing out of the thermal springs near the Grotte di Catullo, on the peninsula of Sirmione sul Garda.

These salso-bromo-iodic thermal waters are very rich in iodine, bromine and sulfur (salt-bromo-iodic) and other elements such as sodium chloride, zinc, selenium, iron, potassium, cadmium, chromium and lithium: a beneficial chemical composition which guarantees excellent anti-inflammatory properties, a stimulus for the immune system, protection for the nasal mucous membranes and, above all, for the treatment of rheumatic, respiratory, dermatological and gynecological pathologies. Sirmione’s water is defined as hyperthermal, because it gushes out bacteriologically uncontaminated from the source at a temperature of 69°C, even if for visitors it always reaches between 34-36°C.

The source was discovered at the end of the 19th century by a Venetian diver who immersed himself in Lake Garda and identified the so-called Boiola source. In 1921 the Società Terme e Grandi Alberghi Sirmione was born and, since then, the sources of these thermal waters have been channeled into the establishment of the Grotte di Catullo (1951), and into the thermal establishment of Virgilio (1986). In 2003 he inaugurated the Aquaria Thermal SPA complex which today unites the two structures in a single thermal park.

The structure of the Terme di Sirmione is now about 10,000 square meters large, of which 700 consist of swimming pools, whirlpools, saunas, steam baths, effervescent beds and emotional showers. It is housed in a historic building with an exceptional panorama, directly overlooking the shores of Lake Garda: a perspective that certainly helps in living an experience of total well-being.

Prices for the admission to the Terme di Sirmione

To take advantage of this precious source for health, the structures reserve a varied spa offer. Aquaria offers personalized treatments and itineraries such as beauty farms, with differentiated packages according to needs.

  • Short – Spa&Sauna admission valid for 2 hours – € 22.00
  • All Day – Spa&Sauna admission valid all day – € 79.00
  • Other packages are offered, for more informations please visit the official website

In addition to these entrances, proposals are available with variable prices, with Day SPA formulas (entrance + sensory experience at the Thermal Spa with specific treatments) which include entrances to the thermal complex, sauna, draining massages, treatments with slimming thermal mud and with modeling creams.

Aquaria also offers customized itineraries for hen parties at the spa, or advantageous hotel stay offers + entrance to the SPA, such as the Aquaria All Day formula which, for 158 Euros, includes a night in a hotel, a lunch and products from the Aquaria Thermal line Cosmetics.

Timetable and reservations at the Terme di Sirmione

Booking is always mandatory on Saturdays and Sundays, given the high turnout at the spa facilities, while it is recommended on weekdays, as well as during holidays. To this end, Aquaria always offers an updated calendar of information for online spa bookings. The opening hours of the thermal complex in Sirmione are:

  • Sunday: from 9am to 10pm
  • From Monday to Wednesday: from 9am to 10 pm
  • Thursday: from 11am to 00.00
  • Friday and Saturday: from 9am to 00.00

How to get to Sirmione

By car or motorbike from the A4 “Torino-Trieste” motorway, taking the “Sirmione” exit without detours from the route, if you are coming from Venice, Venice, Verona, Brescia or Bergamo.

By public transport you can take the Milan-Venice train getting off at the Desenzano sul Garda station, and continue by bus with the LN026 line, leaving every hour for the Sirmione bus station.

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